Before things got serious

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This next story is about my last day in the twenties.

Ovidiu is a good friend from Bucharest, an extremely talented photographer and a car maniac, so I was really happy when he told me he’s in town for the weekend and he’s ready for a Samurai trip.

I’m not an early morning guy, so we left Brasov in a freezing afternoon and with not that much sun left, we headed for an on-road route to Vama Buzaului, a wonderful place I have already written about.

When we got around Prejmer we saw this huge field with nothing but perfect white snow and the sun getting close to sunset and I just took a right and stopped to shoot some pictures with the amazing light.

How not to destroy a Suzuki Samurai

It was that time when I thought the Samurai is an indestructible toy and when I didn’t know much about suspensions and shocks. It was that time when seeing an opportunity for fun I was taking it without thought. Luckily this little toy is much more durable than you would expect.

So of course given the chance to rip the perfect snow with the incredibly lame Fulda AT tires, I cut straight to act, and you get to see the incredibly lame, but awesomely fun snow ripping.

And it was a fun time for my pal Ovidiu too, as you can see him exhilarating after his first Samurai ride πŸ™‚

When we got to Vama Buzaului it was already dark but when you have two photographers and a Samurai, the darkness is not really a constraint.

Photography tip:

As you can notice I keep playing a lot with exposure time to get the perfect balance between the ambient light and the car details. Lightroom can do some magic but a well thought-out exposure is pure gold. Oh, should I mention that I only shoot RAW?

We got to freeze for almost an hour shooting these pictures, with Ovidiu sunk over his knees in cold snow while holding a flashlight towards the Samurai, but this time I think the natural photo without extra light looks simply better. What do you think?

Oh, and things never get too serious.

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