Dragan vs Dragan

Self portrait on Dragan peak, with the samurai headlights separating the earth from the sky.

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Just a week after my previous attempt to find the Dragan mountain peak I decided to try again.
It was a late Friday afternoon but I had nothing better planned so when I finished work I just grabbed my camera and my tripod and left towards Busteni.

When I got in the forest towards Baiului Mountains the sun was almost close to sunset and even if the route was the same from my last adventure, this time the forest colours had a certain different feeling, now somehow wiser or more profound.

I got to the mountain top just to see the sun hiding behind the Bucegi mountains. No more running after the sun, I stopped and took a few photos with the breathtaking views.

I continued my route and I got to the Dragan peak when the blueish hue of the night was already colouring the horizon. I enjoyed a brief silent moment on the top of the mountain but I quickly got carried away by the trigger happy photographer in me and I started shooting some photos with the headlights of the samurai separating  the earth from the sky.

As the night took over, I was still shooting photos alone on the top of the mountain and of course I needed some entertainment so I just shot these series of low light long time exposure self portraits that still make me smile even now.

This trip to Dragan peak was a really special experience and I’d really like to get here on daylight too.
Maybe some other time.

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  1. Calitatea pozelor este incredibila!! God I can’t wait for my Samurai!

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