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Not really as bad as it looks.

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It was one of those lazy mornings when the sun was shining long before I woke up. Perfect moment to get a friend for a roadtrip adventure. What happened next? I learned that having friends with similar passions and toys could be very helpful when trying to get out of trouble.

Long story short, I was driving the samurai uphill with the beautiful Teo on my right and without a care in the world. But then we reached the top and proceeded to crash into a huge hole. It was hard to miss, impossible to see.

AK and the samurai
Not really as bad as it looks.
Not really as bad as it looks.
Teo, happy to be alive 🙂

We got out and assessed the situation. No chance to move the samurai without destroying something, so we called Iulius and invited him for a rescue mission.

Everything went smoothly, not one scratch on the samurai, so we just stayed for the sunset and a nice picnic. All’s well that ends well.

The Samurai at sunset. August 2009.
Toys at dawn. August 2009.
Picnic time.

I should mention that I had no camera with me, but luckily Iulius brought his Nikon D80 and I got to take all these pictures.  It was one of the first times I shot with a Nikon and I remember being quite impressed. Why do I only have Canons when my soul is constantly yearning for the Nikons?


The music:

Pixies – Where is My Mind?
From their album “Surfer Rosa” released in 1988. Last song on the “Fight Club” movie soundtrack.


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