Golden autumn colours

The samurai on the Batanii Mari hills

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For a few years, several friends who knew my off roading passion and who had some local knowledge of the Malnas area in Covasna county kept advertising it to me.

So one of my free Mondays back in 2013 I decided to go check it out.

I had quite a few autumn road trips and I’m somehow immune to the amazing forest colouring, but the day I drove my samurai to Malnas was special.

You can understand from these photos how mesmerised I was with the contrast from coloured trees in the background and the harsh shadows thrown by the autumn sun.

I spent some nice and easy relaxed time in Malnas shooting photos and enjoying the sun, and then I just decided to take on the road and continue my trip to wherever it would take me.

A few miles more on the pavement road and I just saw this trail starting to climb on my left so of course I took that route. Few years later I found out I was unknowingly taking the route to the Waha Festival magic universe.

When I got to this golden forest I was already ecstatic with nature and good music and I felt like playing a little .. so I just stopped and setup my camera on a tripod and shot these young and restless pictures. And of course now I just had to do a gif out of them πŸ™‚

After so much jumping around I got tired and bored so I continued my trip riding on the hills of Batanii Mari and feeding my soul with these super positive vibes.

But enough words for now, I’ll let you immerse yourself in the golden autumn light.


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