Scouting the Baiului Mountains

My Friend Albert admiring the Bucegi Mountains at sunset

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My name is Dragan and I’m an ego centrical creature.

Now imagine how I felt when, while studying the Baiului Mountains looking for off-road tracks, I found out that there is a peak also named Dragan.

Exactly. I instantly wanted to get there.

I read some mountaineering posts, I asked some friends and I found out there is a pretty straightforward track that goes from Busteni to the Baiului Mountains, a forest road that starts “right next to the Cantacuzino castle”.

One Sunday afternoon I just decided to go scouting, so I sent an offroad trip invitation to a few friends but most of them already had plans for the evening. Still, my friend Albert said yes.

We got to Busteni late in the afternoon and we immediately found the route. It starts from the road right across the town hall, it goes next to the Cantacuzino castle and, immediately after, it turns into a forest road.

The route continues through the woods for a while and we were lucky with a perfect autumn weather and amazing colours in the sub-alpine forest.

After leaving the forest behind, the track continues past a sheep fold and then starts climbing towards the alpine area. There are quite a few peaks here and after a few steep climbs we got to see an amazing alpine sea beneath us.

We lost count of time admiring the Bucegi mountains under sunset colours and while I was shooting these photos I understood I’ll have to come back to find the Dragan peak another time.

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