The search for the best hot chocolate in the world

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If you didn’t already read about how I got to be friends with Andreea and the deal I made with her, you should do it right now, because this is the confirmation that the deal is on.

Wanna go for a ride?

This adventure started with Andreea waking up late at a villa in Bran and me randomly texting her to say hi.

– Hey, how are you? How was the party?
– Well, I just went to my room and thought to myself: “I’m gonna stay a little bit here before joining the party”. And then I fell asleep and I woke up when it was all quiet and peaceful. What are you doing?
– At the auto service right now, I just got the Samurai PTI* checked this morning. Wanna go for a ride?
– Ah, I would, but my friends might get angry with me if I just leave.
– They will understand when they’ll see the awesome white samurai πŸ™‚
– All right, let’s go!
– Can you make me a vegetarian sandwich? Didn’t get to eat today.
– Let me see if there’s anything left… Smoked cheese, normal cheese, tomatoes, butter and bread. Done.
– On my way.
* PTI – Periodic Technical Inspection of vehicles

The mighty samurai :)

41 minutes later…

I picked her up from the villa in Bran and I gave her the GoPro to carry.
– I’ll be the photographer and you’ll be the videographer this time, all right?
– All right, where are we going?
– I don’t know yet πŸ™‚

We left Bran towards Moieciu de Jos and immediatelly after the Moieciu town hall we took right to a less beaten track that I’ve explored some winters ago. The track takes you through a beautiful landscape through hills and valleys from Moieciu to Magura, one of the most photogenic mountain villages in Romania.

Here’s the entrance to the track if interested: 45.500031,25.327598

We rode through a cloudy but lovely weather, with some late autumnal vibes in December. And we got to eat in the middle of hills with a flock of sheep nearby and jazz playing in the 1995 speakers. Not bad for a breakfast at 16:41.

Of course I carried my Canon 70D and shot like a trigger happy paparazzi.

The best hot chocolate in the universe

Next time you get to visit Magura make sure you stop at the local inn, called “La ciocolata”. We did and you can see the no-time-no-stress-no-pressure micro universe that it rooms. Plus they have the best hot chocolate in this world.

The effect of best hot chocolate in the universe.

A friendly encounter and a photo shooting

We left Magura towards Zarnesti but when we got to the intersection it was still too early to call it a day.
– How about if we take a trip to Curmatura?
– Isn’t it too late for a mountain hike?
– Let’s just walk a while and we’ll decide on our way

And we were just walking through the Prapastiile Zarnestilor canyon and I was so happy I have someone around to carry my tripod πŸ™‚ when we noticed some sporty guys walking out of the canyon towards us.

It was my good friend Albert and his mates.Β You can notice the surprise and the happiness to see me πŸ™‚

Albert is one of the 9 people in the world I call friend and you’ll probably get to know more about this guy since he’s been quite often present in my TINP stories.

By the time we left Albert it got pretty obvious we should leave the hike to Curmatura chalet for another time, but we continued our walk looking for an end point to the story.

And we found it in the shape of a forestry hut where we stopped for an ad hoc portrait photoshooting and to make some use of the tripod we carried all this time.

Photography tip

When you have a headlight around, don’t keep it in your backpack.
See the magic it does below. And see how I used the headlight to draw my city lights adventure.

Until next time. And hopefully very soon.

The search for the best hot chocolate in the world (December 16, 2017)
A story by Rares Dragan, published on February 7th 2018

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