Something about freedom and bending the rules

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All right, it’s just quite possible that sometimes, during my adventures, I find myself not noticing the forbidden access signs, or simply acting like a rebel and pushing the limits of the “road” and trespassing for the sake of free exploration.

So, if in this photographic journal you come across images of places and situations in which I was not supposed to be, at least from a legal perspective, could we just go ahead and suppose those photos were “fixed” in Photoshop so that I don’t get into trouble? OK, maybe not…

I have been traveling with my motorized toys in places where nature was at its best. And it was from a philosophical perspective rather than a legal one that I felt like an intruder – a privileged one, but an intruder nonetheless.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
John Muir

And how do I feel when I push these ethical limits in the midst of nature?

I have a huge respect for nature, I care about the planet and I try not to leave too much of a destructive footprint. I know my 1300 cm3 Samurai is not a nature destroyer, my DR650 is not a chainsaw and I’m not a hooligan.

But I’m also not an eco-friendly hypocrite. Yes, I might be riding on forest roads but I’m also always cleaning up my mess and quite often other people’s garbage too. I had the Samurai exhaust system rebuild to cut the noise level to the lowest possible. I try to recycle as much as I can. I haven’t owned a TV for 15 years. I’m not really a consumer, I don’t buy stuff. I don’t eat meat. I did plant at least one tree.

So, as long as I do more good than bad I feel like my karma is safe. But then again, this might just be an excuse to keep feeding my appetite for freedom.


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